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Secwin provides program-level-security to the application. It allows customer to control who can use your program, and what aspects of the program they can use. We call this Program Access Control. The key goals here are flexibility (every end user has different policies) and usability (customers need to be able to manage their own security and not rely on a developer to do it for them.)

In addition large customers have different needs to small customers (such as Active Directory integration) and so Secwin is designed to be flexible, allowing customers to tailor the security to their needs. 

A range of features, including password resets, self-sign-on, guest accounts and more make Secwin the last security tool to protect your system and organizations data access.

It also allows you to control which features in our program the customer has access to. We call this Licensing. The primary goal of licensing is to ensure that we the ISV get paid. Licensing is flexible and  easy for both us and our customer, and online so that you can easily update clients license as their needs (or lack of payment for subscriptions) change. 

Designed for both single-sale software and subscription services. It includes a web server app that is used as a licensing server,   to make use of SecwinOnlineServer to host licenses for customers. Secwin is designed to work on desktop, and web applications, and supports single-tenant or multi-tenant setups. 

In today's world no program, or user, stands alone. Secwin is designed to integrate to a SendEmail or SendSMS function (or both). 

These allow features like:

Secwin feature also allows for online licensing features and Active Directory integration.

If unauthorized uses have access to the database, and they can tamper with fields (for example deleting them, or causing them to become invalid) or delete records, then certain Secwin features may no longer be effective.

If an unauthorized person does get access to the database, data inside it will not be exposed. Any data they damage can be restored from backups, and the data itself will not be compromised. 

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